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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kimchibilly Night at DGBD

DGBD - Hongdae, Seoul
So I was checking out some photos on flickr and came across this stunning black and white in one of the expat groups and I had to find out where it was taken. Turns out, it was taken in June (around Kimchibilly Night 7 or 8) at DGBD -- what I assume is the Seoul equivalent to the legendary CBGB -- in Hongdae, Seoul. I Googled me up some info from The Rocktigers MySpace Page and my old lady and I set off for some Korean styled rockabilly music at Kimchibilly Night 9 in August!

The Rocktigers: Tiger and AceThe Rocktigers:
The show started at 10:30pm, but we got there early around 9 or so. So we decided to get some grub next door (awesome fried chicken, by the way) and when we came back, everyone was kind of hanging around outside. I decided to snap some pseudo posed-shots outside before I got to the live performances. These two gents (Tiger and Ace) are guitarists from the headlining band, The Rocktigers. They were just too cool.

From Wikipedia:
The RockTigers (더 락타이거즈, also written as The Rock Tigers, The Rocktigers) are a South Korean indie rock and roll band formed in 2001. The band is one of the leaders of the rock and roll revival movement on the Korean indie band scene. The RockTigers show a style that is rooted in the 1940s and 1950s jump blues, boogie-woogie, rockabilly, and the 1960s twist dance that sets them apart from other Korean indie bands. Although not on the Korean mainstream, The RockTigers have developed a cult following with their energetic live shows around the Hongdae club scene as well as several rock festivals throughout Asia.

Velvet Geena: The RocktigersVelvet Geena: The Rocktigers:
I didn't think it was possible, but Korea has an awesome underground rockabilly / punk scene slowly emerging. Pretty cool! This is Velvet Geena -- what a doll -- lead singer for The Rocktigers. Seems like she sets these nights up and books the opening bands from what I have read on her Facebook page. She and her band, along with some of the opening bands happily obliged my makeshift photo session outside. On stage for the night: Rusty Belle, The Gentle Slicks, Dog'gie Dogg, and The Rocktigers.

Feel free to click any of the photos to go inside the exhibit gallery and see more of the night. Also, here's the direct link to share with your friends. I missed the 10th Kimchibilly night because of my gallery showing, but I hear the 11th will be on Halloween -- which could be a stop to make! Hope you enjoy a few more of my favorites:

DGBD: Outside

Rusty Belle: BassistRusty Belle: Singer

Rusty Belle: Wing Tips

Gentle Slicks: Lead Guitar

The Rocktigers: Ace

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