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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Comic World Cosplay - Setec Center

Scarlett O'HaraReview:
The little lady and I checked out the Comic World Cosplay (Costume Playing) Event at Seoul's Setec Convention Center this past August. I really love the kids that come out to this. They put most of the stuff I've seen back in the US to shame. However, I usually have no idea what they're dressed as because traditional Marvel or DC type super-heroes are just not that popular out here, plus I'm just not that hip on anime, manga, or really anything the Korean kids dig these days. So I just said, "Oh cool! Look at that," and get a few shots off. Kinda lame, I know.

Most of the kids tried hiding next to the building in the shade which wasn't the most photogenic area. I actually saw a couple guys taking kids out and posing them for extensive amounts of time, shaping light, taking meter readings, getting great photos -- I'm sure -- but generally sweating balls out there. However, I'm a run & gunner at events like this, so I decided to go at it as gorilla as possible -- [1] stopped down my camera to darken the scene and brought back my subjects with some diffused flash to avoid the crazy harsh light available, [2] blurred backgrounds with large aperture and focal length to help separate the subject from any distracting elements like ugly building stuff, bags, other people, and general randomness, and [3] shot quick bursts and let the kids pose themselves. Hey, it was crazy hot and I'm generally nonchalant when it's on my dime! I'm really happy with the collection I got. Click on any photo to go to the full exhibit. Let me know what you think!

Here's a selection of some of my favorites:

Sword Girls

Eye Patch GirlBlue Eyed Boy


Hammer BoySmall Hat

The Drummer


  1. The girl in the first picture has an addictive mysterious expression...


  2. That, she does. Thanks for commenting!


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